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COVID and the Bible.

  God has a plan for everything.  God does not will sickness or disease or suffering or  sin for anyone.  But He does will that good may come from even the most difficult of situations.   The sadness and suffering and death of His Son Jesus was followed by the glory and joy of Jesus risingContinue reading “COVID and the Bible.”

The Big “D”.

Welcome to another “In Black and White” Get your head out of the gutter. Not that one. The big D is for depression. Depression is running high right now among many people. This is likely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and how our lives have been shifted from social to isolated. Depression can takeContinue reading “The Big “D”.”

A Very Different Easter.

“The greatest gift we find at Easter is not the chocolate rabbit or the colored eggs–It is HOPE.” -Nick Palisch (2020) When you awoke this morning, you found ourselves blessed with another day. It is Easter Sunday. As that thought crossed our minds, did we find ourselves saying “so what” or do we rejoice? ForContinue reading “A Very Different Easter.”

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