Me. In Black & White.

Hi. I’m Nick.

Welcome to my world, “In Black and White” where you will get to see my life poured out, my feelings shared, my thoughts and ideas presented through this page. In addition, I have a podcast with the same name.

I am 41. I am gay. I am someone who has a way with words and I like to share my feelings with others so long and behold this is why the blog has been born. The concept of “In Black and White” came about when my co-worker, Rufus and I were coming back from lunch and we were having some truly awesome, thoughtful, interesting and comical conversations on various topics and being a white gay man, and he a straight black man who is a bit older than I and grew up in St. Louis our ideas, thoughts and feelings were a bit different.

The picture of life for both of us was very different.

So, I wanted to create a podcast that would be about thoughts, feelings, ideas, and perhaps give inspiration to others along the way. Rufus, who is shy and not so much on sharing his thoughts would not agree to be a part of this endeavor, so here I am going at it alone, but not without his spirit with me along this new journey.

In Black and White here are my details: 41. Gay. White. American Guy. Meteorologist. Writer. Pianist. Uncle. Son. Brother. Funny. Spiritual. Comical. PhD student. Dog Dad to four corgis. Family oriented. Big mouth. Opinionated. Thoughtful. Caring. Loving. Lake Saint Louis is home. Emotional. Suffer from depression and anxiety. Have lung cancer and realize that my life may end sooner than later I decided to embark on this new journey to see what impact I may have on others.

I believe if my blog and podcast inspires, creates change, or encourages and most of all makes one feel a variety of emotions while reading or listening, then I have left my little mark on this big world.

Join me in my world, “In Black and White” and let’s go on this journey together.

In Black and White,


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