There comes a point in your life where you come to realize that the only things that matter are those things that have captured your heart: The people who are in your life that you realize are there long term as well as the memories of past loves that continue to remind you of the possibility of your heart to love. You have obtained the ability to filter out those that are there for selfish reasons, from those that just want the same thing that you do… to love and to be loved. It’s easy to let fear drive you to keep yourself at a distance, however. With all the hurt from the past that has occurred, you fear that if you allow yourself to love again, that it will end up just another mistake.

The thing is, there are no such things as mistakes. The things that we see as mistakes are only those things that help us to grow as people and in our ability to love ourselves and others around us. The only mistake is allowing fear to control you and not allowing you to follow your heart. You can go through life fearing that you will let your heart lead you astray again, and neglect something that is meant to be, or you can acknowledge the existence of the very thing in front of you that you have been searching to find. Fearing that another “mistake” will be made, only cause you to paint yourself into a corner of loneliness and allow any opportunity for love to come your way, to pass you by.

We fool ourselves into thinking that love is to be this perfect thing that is flawless. But Love is not about perfection. It’s about loving someone even with all the imperfections that surround that love. It’s those imperfections that make that love unique. To think that you will find a love without obstacles or challenges is a fairy tale within itself. Those challenges you face in love are the very things that give strength to that love, only if you are able to make efforts to work through them.

So, those “mistakes” that we make are not mistakes at all. They are just opportunities to build a stronger foundation for love to prepare our hearts for the one that we wait patiently to come our way.

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