Music and the Soul.

If we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or next year . . .Today should always be our most wonderful day.”– THOMAS DREIER

The power of music is very much an important part of my life. When I am struggling with life choices/decisions/issues, I find music to be the soothing part of the soul. I may not be popular for my music choice, but is my time to communicate with God and through music I am often able to hear his words being spoken to me.

The first verse of this beautiful song brings forth the awesome question of faith. How can we come to believe in an all powerful and loving God if we cannot experience this God through our senses? We talk about listening to the voice of God but we all know that we do not suspect that the person will actually hear God’s voice. It does happen sometimes like Moses and the burning bush or Abraham actually walking with God but we know that these are the exceptions to the rule and not the norm. How can believe something that we cannot see with our eyes? We often talk about seeing God in the poor and in the Sacraments but we do not see His divine face directly but rather we talk about others mediating the presence of God for us. As a result of not being able to experience this divine God directly through our senses we can begin to lose our faith and see our faith as superstition or simply childhood foolishness.

The answer to this challenge to our faith is not simply blind faith but rather grasping the paradoxes mentioned in the chorus of this song. “Could it be You make Your presence known so often by Your absence?” How do we explain God’s absence? I think in two ways. The first way is to say that God will not force us to believe in Him or to follow His will. He chooses to respect our freewill. God often holds himself back and allows us to fail because He loves us too much to take away our freewill. The second way is to remind ourselves that God is really not absent. As the unknown author of the Footprints prayer reminds us, that even in our darkest moments, God is carrying us through it. To use some high philosophy terms, God is at every moment touching us and propping us by giving us the gift of existence for if He was not we would simply not exist. Our being is totally dependent upon the Supreme Being. Is it not awesome and mysterious that God not only created us but continues to keep us in existence knowing all of our sins and He does this all our of love.

“Could it be that questions tell us more than answers ever do?” One of the problem we have as human beings is the simple fact that we do not want to admit that God is by far more intellectually superior to us. We prize our rationality but at the same time our fallen nature filled with sin makes it hard to acknowledge that God is infinitely smarter and that His divine wisdom often looks like stupidity to us until He has accomplished His plan and we discovered that His stupidity was actually brilliance that we could not appreciate at the time.

“Could it mean that the only answer that means anything is you?” The answer to all the fundamental questions of life is not a nice and neat mathematical formula but rather is a person (actually 3 persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

I find speaking about faith in the terms of relationship helps me to understand the mysteries of faith much better than mathematical formulas, explanations based on law (natural or divine), or faith statements. I believe that thinking about our faith as a relationship with the Blessed Trinity through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit makes many of the teachings of our faith make sense to me.

I encourage you to think in the terms of relationship as you ponder this powerful question from the chorus: “Could it be that You would really rather die than live without us?”

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