Our Balloon.

Our life is like a balloon. We are a balloon.

We have all been there. A place where you feel on top of the world, then instantly you feel deflated. Everything you work for and do on a daily basis feels like it flew out of the window. Literally like a balloon that was once filled with air floating high above the world, now is deflating.

Sometimes it is a slow leak and sometimes it is not a leak at all. The life of a balloon is one of expansion. It begins as a deflated piece of latex and when filled with air it comes to life. The balloon grows and expands and is then tied off to lock in the energy inside it.

Over time this balloon will lose some of its energy and the size of the balloon will begin to shrink. If possible, we air it back up to save its fullness, other times we let the balloon runs its course and deflate naturally over time.

The balloon, like our life is sensitive to things and tragedy can pop the balloon into many pieces. Other times small picks at the balloon will create small leaks allow air to slowly escape, knowing the life of the balloon is slowly coming to an end.

Once the air is released the balloon while still tied lies smaller and wrinkled from the air that once expanded its life to full potential. The balloon has become deflated.

The balloon sometimes is put on a string to keep it close to an event and sometimes a small child lets loose of a balloon and it begins its climb high into the sky–it is at this moment free to fly as high as possible. The balloon when given the chance to fly can travel for miles, never to be seen again, while sometimes it gets caught in trees and lines–it reached its potential.

A balloon that is free to float to its full potential is one that has been released and is given the freedom to explore and embark on an uncharted journey.

Think about it. Our life is like a balloon. We start out small. We grow. We explore. We change. We experience life and sometimes we reach our full potential and sometimes we get caught in the snags of life and we are stuck. Sometimes our balloon is tarnished by the daily routines of life. Sometimes we are tied down to the circumstances and sometimes we are restricted from growing.

Our balloon can be various sizes, but sometimes our balloon can be deflated or inflated depending on circumstances that we experience. The balloon is sometimes subjected to the little pricks of a needle that will cause a slow decrease in the air within the balloon. In our life, sometimes the small things we encounter that challenge us, or words used towards us can slowly deflate the spirit of who we are.

This very balloon is in fact our life–each day our balloon will vary in size and sometimes it will fly high while other times it will feel restricted. People and circumstance will deflate us–sometimes slowly and sometime instantly.

Protect your balloon. Just like the latex expands with conditions–it is our duty to be able to adjust as things change.

The balloon is who you are and what defines. Fly high and reach new heights no matter the circumstances that may be presented to you.


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