Our Foundation.

We are our own building. 

Recall the fable of the three little pigs. One built the house of straw, the second of sticks, and the third of bricks. In our own lives we also build our foundation based on various things in life. 

Our lives, our bodies, are a building that God has given us, the task is how we build our foundation and how we reflect our image to others. We can be like the first pig and quickly build our lives,or we can take a bit more time and build it from sticks, or we can be slow, steady, and build our foundation on strength, faith, belief and build it with bricks. The sturdier we build ourselves the more likely we will survive the test of times. 

To build our lives quickly we use materials weak and futile. This building will quickly fall on the first incline. Taking a little more time and building it a little stronger, meaning you have the faith, but not freely showing it your life will also fall to the elements of life. 

If we build our lives based on faith, morals, values, ethics and a solid understanding of who you are it will survive the test of time. 

Once your building is constructed the way that we are reflecting our lives to others and the way we are refracting the image of ourselves. We are our own living building, by not living life in a way that is suitable, with the faith, hope, and love of a higher power, we are only causing our building to become weak. 

Our image of how we portray ourselves is key into how our building survives the many test of times. Life is about having the faith outside of money, the stock market, the gas prices, the job, the house, the car, the material things. Rather, we as people must remember that if we are built of strong material: faith, then our lives will be protected. We must only realize that if we let the material things invade us then we are probably living a life with a weak foundation.

What foundation are you? How are you reflecting yourself onto others? 


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