Power of Hurt.

None of us want to get hurt in our journey through life, but unfortunately it happens. We are creatures of emotion, and regardless if you are a visibly emotional person, or one who carries those emotions deep within yourself, we all have them.

Over the last few weeks I have read and commented on post through Facebook of people who are hurting because of various reasons–loss of a job, loss of a loved one, car accidents, break ups, financial difficulties, illness and the list goes on an on.

Why do we post our feelings on Facebook?

Most of us do it as an outlet of emotion, sometimes a cry for help, and for some it is just a place to inform others. Regardless the reasoning–we are all probably accountable for at least one post in our lives through Facebook that showed us hurting.

We are humans so what lesson can we learn from hurting?

There are many. While we don’t see the positive in the negative, it is sometimes that little silver lining that gives us the hope and aspiration to go on. Death by far, is one of the hardest things to handle–and to grieve it is a natural process in which a person goes through, yet, if I were to tell a grieving person–things will get better–if they are not ready to move forward–the action of telling them it will get better is not prevalent at the time.

I think that for most of us when we are in pain, hurting or suffering we sometimes need to find the strength to understand that if we have Faith–things can and probably will get better.

The silver lining is the faith and the ability to see that while through the pain and hurt the purpose of life must continue. Have the faith to know that while you may be hurting now–the faith to heal is within you.

As I reflect on the postings I have read over the past few weeks, I sit and ponder and think while we read on the news about the negative impacts of social media–good does reside in it too.

Posting comments, status updates, etc are often one’s way of letting out the emotion of the moment–and for some the only outlet they know to release that very emotion. I think that when we post things on these social media sites we are in essence allowing people into our daily lives–consider that when you post–are you willing and okay with posting something that could be intimate, personal, or even special in your eyes for all those to read? If so, then post it.

I think that one of the greatest takeaways of reading posts is that we are all not that different. Each and everyone of us has something going on our lives and we all will at some moment–hurt. The most important thing to remember is that the power of hurt can’t be outweighed by the power of faith.

For those who are hurting right now–know you are not alone–know that your post are being read and a social media prayer chain was created. I think this alone helps build the faith that people are reading, listening, caring, and most of all passing faith back to another.


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