White Horses.

This song “White Horse” by Taylor Swift is unlike the other songs that I have reflected upon this month because it will not be found on a Christian radio station. I wanted to include this song because I wanted to remind everyone that spiritual insights can be found in the everyday and in the ordinary.

What immediately caught my attention with this song is the idea that life is a fairy tale? “Say you’re sorry that face of an angel comes out” this line strikes me because I often find it hard to tell whether or not someone is truly sorry for a deed he or she has done. While sometimes it is easy other times it is really hard. It is especially difficult when the person has hurt me time and time again.

I have come to realize that forgiveness is a virtue and as a virtue it falls itself between to vices. The first vice is being merciless – never offering mercy. The second vice is being merciful to a fault. A fault that leaves us wounded time and time again. Talking about forgiveness is a very difficult thing in Church circles because we do believe in forgiveness without condition but I also believe that we are to learn from our interactions with others.

For example a woman who is being abused is encouraged to forgive her abuser but not to continue to place herself in danger. Forgiveness in this case is more for the woman’s part because it allows her to move on instead of harboring resentment that can have an effect on her relationship with others. I think Taylor Swift is smart in her song by saying in a lyrical way that simply saying “I am sorry” is not good enough to continue the relationship. She wants the person to demonstrate his forgiveness through a change in action.

More importantly, I am inspired by this song to look at my relationships with others and to make sure I am backing up my apologies with a sincere change of heart and effort to not offend the person in the same way.

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