The Election that Divided Us.

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Democracy. An awesome word with a lot of meaning behind it. A word that allows us to vote, elect, and support causes, ideals, and beliefs. The ability to be a self-thinker, to maintain rights, and to seek the American Dream.


Unfortunately, the 2020 election has done more harm than good. It has made the word democracy clouded. It has divided friends, family, and society. It has caused people to stop speaking to one another, created divide among beliefs. Religion became clouded because politics and religious ideology have no place together. A National pandemic, COVID-19 created a divide on whether or not its real or fake.

Our president, like him or not, has created hate among groups, supporting anti-gay support groups, supporting violence, creating hostility by using armed forces to overtake towns and cities across the country.

The 2020 election has not been about democracy. It is all about words, separation of people, belief that one party is going to do this and the other that. Hate fills the streets, social media, and homes across the country. Democracy has failed to shine through the election.

Defamation of the American flag to ensure “Make America Great Again.” Hanging flags at the same level as the American flag is wrong. Making a politician his/her own flag is not support its defamation of the one flag that should hang outside EVERY. SINGLE. AMERICANS. HOME. That flag is “Old Glory.”

Local and national news outlets have forgotten the meaning of journalism and unbiased reporting. Instead, we see media taking sides, only telling part of the story in an effort to make points. News is not news anymore, it is a political arena to push agendas.

Social media is not about being honest and truthful, it is about sharing whatever people read and believing it to be truth. Sharing hate, conspiracy theories, misinformation, drama, and satire to gain attention. I remember when social media was meant to connect, foster relationships, share happy and positive things. News had no place in social media post. People have become experts in topics they honestly have no clue about because they got a degree through social media.

The Bible has been lied about and distorted to carry out a particular mission or thought. What is often shared is a verse that will share a belief or statement, but what is missing is the context of the passage. We often don’t see the true meaning shared of the verses before or after the message that was posted. The Bible has become forgotten and used as a tool of hate and disparity. It has been blasphemed and misrepresented by many. Churches have preached more about money and politics than about love, God, and faith. Our churches forgot the mission Jesus preached.

Jesus preached love, compassion, hope, and acceptance. He did NOT discriminate. He did not hate, he showed compassion and love for the people that we often pass by and snicker and talk about. He dined with the sick and the poor. He wasn’t worried about the riches of the world.

He was simple.

The 2020 election has taught us that it is okay to be divided and to hate others because of beliefs. It has stripped many from being self thinkers, it has put fear and tension among many. The election has taught us that it is okay to make up whatever we want to get our point across and to abandon those we called family and friends. I have witnessed this. I have been a part of this.

Fundamental values were lost. Humanity is at risk of expiring. We face becoming robots and moving along with the flow. We as voters instilled into other humans the hope for the decency of doing what is right and looking at the best interest of the people they represent. We lost government. We lost hope. We lost sight of democracy.

Guns are not going to be taken away by any political party. Taxes have always and will always exist. Sadly, the rich will get richer, and the poor will stay poor. Promises will be made and they will be forgotten shortly thereafter. We like to pick out what we want to like and not like about something–just like a salad filled with vegetables–we pick out what we don’t like and indulge in what we do.

Pro-lifers believe that unborn babies is all that matters–in fact, PRO-LIFE means that you are for ALL LIFE at ALL stages! This means you can’t entertain the idea of capital punishment, the right to die, and you can’t pick and choose what groups of people you want to respect and what groups you don’t. Let me paint this picture for you: Your daughter, sister, niece, etc was raped at the age of 13 and became pregnant–should a child be forced to carry a child? Wait. Don’t answer.

Here’s why you can’t answer that question. We are the master of our own bodies. Government and others can’t and should not regulate our bodies. It is a choice for a person to determine what they feel is best for them, given the circumstances. I reflected on this a lot given my health and I realize that if I stop taking treatment–I will die. So, whose choice is it whether or not I live or die? Yours, mine, the government, society?

Just like we can’t ever fathom the loss of a child for a parent unless we lost one of our own. We can’t fathom the pain of a cancer patient, unless we are the patient. We can’t determine what a person does to the body they exist in and while this may cause divide–it is truth.

Drug users, alcoholics, gambler, and those who speed over the speed limit CHOOSE to do this and while we find it wrong it is NOT our life. They must respect themselves more than others do–but, it is NOT our right to judge them.

2020 has been hell. It has distanced us, created anxiety, depression, death, separation of families, and then we throw in an election where people have lost the concept of democracy and we have become so engaged in words of a humans that we have sacrificed our own thoughts. We have lost sight of what Jesus meant by LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Instead, we have learned to HATE ONE ANOTHER. We have divided more than political parties. We have put ALL our faith and hope into them.

There should NEVER have been a need for XXXX lives Matters–EVERYONE’S life matters. Instead hate and inequality has created the need to remind others that EVERYONE deserves the same rights and liberties. Police aren’t bad, people are bad. We have become so damn determined to create labels for people that we forgot one important thing: HUMANITY! There should not be laws preventing one from loving another person, whether this love is between a man/woman, woman/woman, or man/man–GOD talked about how love is pure he didn’t label who was able to love and who to love. Jesus also talked about respecting thy neighbor and this means EVERYONE.

Protest and demonstrations are a freedom, but committing criminal acts are NOT acceptable. I remember many years ago when the “Hands Across America” was a thing. Maybe this needs to come back–to remember that EVERYONE matters. Protest peacefully to raise awareness is a right–being a criminal is not!

Regardless who wins and who loses the biggest loser remains every single one of us. We have lost values, hope, love for others. We have allowed for politics and beliefs to disrupt those we love and care about. We have allowed others to change our homes, our friends, our relationships. We have lost one of the most important thing–HOPE.

There is NOT a president who can “Make America Great Again…” It is the human race who calls America home that can make America great–this means putting down our swords, our hate, our biases, and wake up and realize that WE, each and everyone of us is a the master of his/her own life. Losing who you are and what you believe isn’t going to make anything better–it will make you hate things more.

Tomorrow the election will be over and hate will still rise. The losers will claim foul, the winners will gloat. People will point fingers, people will continue to fight. None of this will change until we change the culture of WHO and WHAT society wants to be.

This means EVERYONE is equal. We are all welcome in America. We all have our beliefs that should NOT be compromised because another person says we are wrong.

We need to realize that we need to be HUMAN and being human means to understand that everyone is different, but at the end of life we are all the same. We live. We die.

Whatever the outcome of the 2020 election, I encourage everyone to put the differences aside, begin rebuilding relationships and homes, be mindful of what you are posting on social media and think twice before attacking. Think before you speak. Remember viewpoints on social media should always come with this tag, “The beliefs of this poster is not the law of the land, but the belief of the poster only.” We need to share love and push away hate.

2020 gives us this–a lot of lemons. But, each of us can rise from this and become better humans. Better neighbors, lovers, and co-workers.

Politics will never be black and white.

To whatever may happen after the election is not the direction of our future. WE ARE.

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