The Election that Divided Us.

Democracy. An awesome word with a lot of meaning behind it. A word that allows us to vote, elect, and support causes, ideals, and beliefs. The ability to be a self-thinker, to maintain rights, and to seek the American Dream. Right? Unfortunately, the 2020 election has done more harm than good. It has made theContinue reading “The Election that Divided Us.”

The journey continues.

In 2018 when I learned that my cancer returned, I decided that I was going to share my journey with others so they can try to understand the mind of a person who was going through a fight for life.  Here I am in 2020, and again I am still fighting the battle.  There areContinue reading “The journey continues.”

Let’s Face It… I am Dying.

 These past few weeks have been taking a huge toll on me including mentally, physically, and spiritually.  In the last week life has been turned upside down for many people, including me.  Life as I knew it was changing and panic, fear, uncertainty, and reality began to hit home.  COVID-19 is real.  We have watchedContinue reading “Let’s Face It… I am Dying.”